Split w/ Lost cowboy heroes


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released January 1, 2004



all rights reserved
Track Name: Morning PM
Get party 'tin morning PM

Start the boozing quest
Let's get fucking mental
Pretends we're all friends
Get everything off your chest

Get the party on!
Forgetting trouble

Sneaky eyes sneering at the mawkishness
Your crap will all come out in the wash
Better look after your own door
Having enemies making nor enemies

Get the party on!
Forgetting trouble

Let them behind
Sneaky eyes

Fuck your scene
You're mean
Track Name: Crocodile dandy
Yesterday I had evil eyes about
Buisiness world
I did not wanna
Get mixed up with this bullshit
Used to be a predatory person
Like a preppy boy in swampy town

As dull as ditch water
Their smile are extremely faint

Today I disguise myself as a salesman
Hair brushed back
Ready to march upon the market
Used to be a predatory person
Walking a crocodile, my tie and I

I'm a splendid reptile
A snake by mistake
Who don't misunderstand
That some sharks look so sharp!

Crocodile dandy warranted
Track Name: Hail fellow well met
For what they get
To what they set apart
From where they come
What they've forewent
This shabby life
It's what you make of it

For what they've glimpse
To how they set eyes on
Being screened from
Craniums shake down
Do them proud
Is that what they settle for?

This place is what you make of it above all
And that's gonna mould
Now on you've had it

For what they hope
To how they deal with it
In all sloth
In all drivel
This shabby life
It's what you make of it

Forsake the deceiver
Bring back your old thoughts
Forward guts reaction
Take back fulfilments

Hail fellow well met
Is that your choice?